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Call for Proposals

Selection criteria for proposals include developmental appropriateness, sensitivity to diversity and inclusion issues, clarity, participant engagement, link to the theme and freshness of approach.


Friday workshops are 5 hours long, allowing for some real depth in your topic. The

stipend is $500.


Saturday will feature 2 workshop sessions, 2 hours each. The stipend is $200 per workshop.

Submission Deadline is September 30, 2019

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Debbie Clement

Keynote Speaker, Workshop Presenter, Children's Picture Book Author/Illustrator, Artist-in-Residence, Early Childhood Music Educator, Singer/Song-Writer, Blogger, Editor-in-Chief of Collaborative Blog

Debbie's goal is to go where she gets invited, sharing her passion for weaving together children, the Arts and literacy!!


Visit her website Rainbows Within Reach to learn more or check out some testimonials here