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Massachusetts Senate Passes Bill to Make Child Care More Affordable

“This framework would provide the structure that’s needed to build affordable care options for families, significantly better pay and benefits for early childhood educators, and a stable source of funding for providers,” Patty Sinclair of the Massachusetts Association for the Education of Young Children said at a Thursday rally in support of the legislation. “Let me say that again: a stable source of funding for providers, high-quality programs and services for children, and substantial relief for businesses in our economy.”

Greenfield Head Start location likely to remain closed as advocates call for more funding

It was an honor to advocate for Head Start and champion teacher compensation.

“Continuity of care is really critical in terms of outcomes for children, and in order to have continuity of care, we have to have teachers who are passionate and compensated so that they’ll want to stay in the field.”

-Patty Sinclair, President


Berkshires Parents, Early Educators, & Child Care Providers Call for Action on Child Care Legislation

During a virtual roundtable discussion with State Representatives Tricia Farley-Bouvier and Smitty Pignatelli last week, dozens of Berkshire County parents, caregivers, early educators, early education and child care providers, and advocates spoke up in support of comprehensive legislation that would help make high-quality early education and child care truly affordable and accessible to all Massachusetts families.
“There's lots to do in our field. There are incredible educators in this field. They want to do the job. It is a passion, and we continue to need to elevate the field and to pay for this work,” said Jill Flanders, a MAAEYC Board Member. “The Common Start funding really did help start that conversation. It provided money where no money had been available before.”
Thank you, Jill, for fiercely advocating for educators and this critical coalition.


On October 17, 2023 representatives from the MAAEYC Organization and other early childhood champion, advocated to the Massachusetts Joint Committee on Education. We championed the H.489/S.301 bills, commonly known as the “Common Start” bill. These bills, if passed, would provide affordable and accessible high quality early education and care to promote child development and well-being and support the economy in the Commonwealth.

Our very own President Dorothy Williams(Jones),M.Ed and board member Gregg Millien spoke and together, with our written testimonies, MAAEYC Organization was honored to be there. We were so moved by the stories shared, the research presented and the inclusive nature of the legislative members.

MAAEYC Board of Directors

"We must not wait for another session, another bill, another report, or another Commissioner. This Comon Start bill must be passed this session to show parents, teachers, and communities in all 351 towns and cities that their struggles are seen and their elected
leaders are here to help."

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