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Award Categories

Champions for Children Awards

The Massachusetts Association for the Education of Young Children recognizes individuals who have dedicated their work, time, and resources to children, families and the field of early care and education.

The Governance Committee reviews the nominations for MAAEYC Champions for Children awards. Nominations are accepted by anyone who recommends a candidate and completes the nomination form. Please read the nomination guidelines to ensure your submission is complete and provides all the information the selection committee will need.

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Award Categories

Nominations Open in February
To nominate someone for an award, please fill out the Nomination Form and follow the criteria as outlined below and in the nomination form. 


Gwen Morgan Leadership Award

About Gwen Morgan

This award is given on a yearly basis to an individual that has taken advantage of a leadership opportunity to improve the quality of care for children and families, or to advance workforce and professional development opportunities for early education and care professionals. This is an individual who has been able to look down the road, as Gwen had throughout her career, and impact the future based on vision and determination.


Gwen was influential in so many different areas for over 30 years. She was a leading national authority on child care regulations. She wrote on a wide range of other issues and the list of her publications is extensive. Here in Massachusetts, we have her to thank for founding the Center for Career Development in Early Care and Education at Wheelock College, which helped countless states create professional development systems. She co-founded
Work/Family Directions and she founded Wheelock College Advanced Seminars in Child Care. Besides that, she has guided the development of countless students as they learn to be teachers.

About Advocacy Award

Advocacy awards in the field of early childhood education recognize individuals, organizations, or initiatives that have made significant contributions to advocating for young children's rights, education, and well-being. This award highlights the importance of advocacy and the positive impact it can have on early childhood development.


Advocacy in ECE Award

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