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 Participation in all MAAEYC Committees is open to all members. This is a great way to tailor your volunteerism to a specific topic where you have skills, interest, and passion. Most committees meet with via conference calls or at MAAEYC Governing Board meetings. Technology is used whenever possible to minimize travel and time expenditures. 


Public Policy Committee - Meets via ZOOM the second Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. 

                                               Email for more information ​

  • Keep public policy program and positions up to date and to work with the Board on changes and additions to the policy program annually and as needed during the legislative session.

  • Be informed and engaged in public policy activities (legislative, regulatory), including coalition efforts, at the state level and through NAEYC at the federal level.

  • Develop annually the public policy priorities for the issues related to children 0-8 and the field, in the context of the political climate and legislative/regulatory schedule of the state.

  • Ensure communication with the Affiliate Board, local affiliates, membership and NAEYC on a regular basis through e-mail updates and alerts.

  • Provide technical assistance and training on advocacy and public policy at affiliate meetings.

  • Maintain regular communication/liaison with the Board and Affiliate staff.

  • Provide public policy information/training at conferences, in newsletters, and other member communications.

     Membership & Communication Committee - meetings are TBD
  • Develops and supports local affiliates with membership recruitment and retention ideas and activities.

  • Arranges and staffs Membership table at any MAAEYC event.

  • Reviews and makes recommendations on any proposed member benefit.

  • Works to bring MAAEYC up to date with social media.

  • Explores options for new income streams based on the internet.

  • Advises MAAEYC office on technology purchases.

  • Supports membership engagement strategy.


     Governance Committee - First Thursday of the month - 9:30-10:30 AM EST
  • Develops, reviews and evaluates MAAEYC policies and procedures.

  • Oversees organization's bylaw review.

  • Recruit and nominate new Board members. 

  • On-board new Board members. 

  • Recruit committee members.

     Finance Committee - meetings are TBD
  • Coordinate the Board’s financial oversight responsibilities.
  • Recommend financial policy to the Board.

  • Monitor financial records: review and oversee the creating of accurate, timely, and meaningful financial statements to be presented to the Board.

  • Monitor budget implementation and financial procedures.

  • Assist the full Board to understand the organization’s finances.

      Professional Development & Conference Committee -meetings are TBD

  • Provide guidance on current professional development trends and events in Massachusetts.

  • Expand the infant toddler course curriculum and updates.

  • Recruit more CEU reviewers and infant toddler instructors.

  • Expand professional development offerings (for example, translations).


National Opportunities

Many NAEYC programs and services offer leadership opportunities as reviewers or consulting editors. In addition, current NAEYC members are eligible to serve in governance as members of the NAEYC Governing Board or the Council for NAEYC Accreditation of Programs for Young Children. Legacy Leader Fellowships nurture emerging leaders. For specifics, visit

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