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The MAAEYC Public Policy Committee believes child care is a public good! We aim to collect stories on how child care helps us get to work. Please share your story through this quick 9-question survey. Your voice can highlight the importance of child care to Massachusetts legislators and voters. Help us reach our goal of 75 stories by July 1. Pass the link on and spread the message—child care is a public good!

Massachusetts Senate Passes Bill to Make Child Care More Affordable

“This framework would provide the structure that’s needed to build affordable care options for families, significantly better pay and benefits for early childhood educators, and a stable source of funding for providers,” Patty Sinclair of the Massachusetts Association for the Education of Young Children said at a Thursday rally in support of the legislation. “Let me say that again: a stable source of funding for providers, high-quality programs and services for children, and substantial relief for businesses in our economy.”

Expand Your Public Policy Knowledge


Learn about federal programs and strategies to advance child care, early learning, and our current and future workforce. 

Build Your Advocacy Skills

You have the passion. Now, gain the knowledge and skills to take your voice and advocacy efforts to new heights.

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